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St. Louis Magazines Top Orthodontist
In Kirkwood & Lake St. Louis, MO
2015 - 2018

St. Louis Magazines Top Orthodontist
In Kirkwood & Lake St. Louis, MO
2015 - 2018

St. Louis Magazines Top Orthodontist
In Kirkwood & Lake St. Louis, MO
2015 - 2018

Happy New Year from Borello Orthodontics!! The start of a new year is the perfect time to review your lifetime and orthodontic goals. Throughout the country, a pattern for effective and productive health has emerged. In addition to partnering with your St. Louis, MO orthodontist for the perfect smile this year, here are some great goals to consider for the upcoming year!

    • Make a list of things you have been putting off for a time. List them all out and then review the list and start prioritizing what on that list will be completed in the New Year.  Make a commitment to yourself that you will see those things through.  Set manageable goals and timelines to track your success.
    • Take the time to walk or exercise daily. Make meeting with your St. Louis, MO orthodontist, Dr. Borello, a priority and stay on the schedule they recommend for normal checkups and procedure visits.
    • When you achieve goals, even in intervals, be sure to reward yourself! Rewards will remind you why you are setting goals and will encourage you to stay on track!
    • Take the New Year and make a goal to phase out things that are cluttering your life. This can be old clothes, toys, books and miscellaneous things that are taking up space. Make room for the incoming greatness of this New Year and donate the excess to a local non-profit.

Now those are for you! Here are some of our goals for the upcoming year and it is our desire to go over and above.

    • Our award-winning St. Louis, MO orthodontics office is always up for the challenge to make a great experience greater! That is why this year is going to be one with an even stronger focus on exceptional customer service. From the front office staff through the entire treatment process, it is our goal to provide you with only the best.  Customer surveys will be a great tool in helping us achieve this goal.
    • We at Borello Orthodontics know that your time and investment is valuable, for that reason – we are taking pride in being even more efficient by shortening wait times and providing you with comprehensive plans to make your experience event more efficient.

On behalf of the Borello family! We wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to serving you in 2017!

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our orthodontics office would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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